Day Before Sound

by ReadNex Poetry Squad

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    To Be Dif'Rent is to uncover ones talents and passions. To Be Dif'Rent is to follow one's intuition rather than exterior conditions. To Be Dif'Rent means to embrace yourself for who you are and be comfortable within your own skin. Witness the evolution of the ReadNex Poetry Squad and understand what it means to Be Dif'Rent.




The title of their new album “Day Before Sound” refers to the moment of clarity that is achieved upon the realization that human beings are all connected and a part of the same frequency, thus becoming a unified sound. Amid increasingly condensed communities that continue to be systematically divided, imagine a time and place where unity exists among all peoples–regardless of political views, gender, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, hair texture, ethnicity and organic composition. This is the destination of “The Day Before Sound.”


released May 24, 2010



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ReadNex Poetry Squad Brooklyn, New York

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